Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is also known as Somatotrophin Hormone (STH) in medical terms. It is actually a protein, which helps in the growth of cell in both animals as well as humans.

This hormone is produced naturally from pituitary glands of human beings. It is situated deep inside the brain. The hormone is produced throughout a person’s life, but it is more active when the person is young.

Things to Know:

Human Growth Hormones are actually secreted during the initial hours of sleep and after having some exercise. It is the only hormone responsible for growth of children and metabolism process of adults.

Human Growth Hormones do the work of liver stimulation and other tissues that stimulate the growth of bones. This growing process continues till the person gains his/her adult height.

However, the function of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) does not end here; it continues the secretion in pituitary gland, because human body needs maintenance of growth balance throughout the life. It helps grow the muscle tissue in continuous production of cell. This ultimately gives a control over the diet, lifestyle and stress level.

Proper diet and functioning of the body always helps to stay fit. There are certain conditions when excessive growth of these hormones hampers the proper functioning. It has some adverse effects also.

If the level of Human Growth Hormones increases, the person may suffer from Gigantism, where the patient grows very fast and it has a continuation even if the person reaches adulthood.

Apart from this, Acromegaly is another disease, wherein the bones of jaws, toes and fingers start thickening. It creates intense pressure on the nerves and ultimately makes the person weak.

Resistance of insulin can also hamper due to which the person can suffer from diabetes. Moreover, excess amount of Human Growth Hormones can weaken the muscles and reduce sexual functions. This condition needs a thorough checkup and proper medication.

The amount of HGH secretion differs according to the age. If the secretion in a child is in excess, then generally it does not create any problem. It only makes the child grow faster, but if the same amount is applied to adults, they can suffer from the above-mentioned syndromes.

For example, dwarfs have a very low amount of STH secretion, so their growth is restricted. There are HGH injections available in the market, which sometimes fulfill the needs of human growth.

Other alternatives such as HGH oral spray and supplements work as a substitute when the body is not capable to produce the hormone naturally. However, too much use of these products can lead to side effects and can cause long lasting effect on health.

In a nutshell, we can say that HGH is the hormone responsible for growth in humans and it has positive effect on other functions of the body too. It also has anti-ageing components that help the body to rejuvenate. However, many researchers are still working on this hormone to learn more about it.

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